6 Proven Ways to Grow Your Blog's Pageviews

Simple, proven ways to get your blog noticed and increase your pageviews

ways to increase your blog pageviews

You've worked hard to set your blog up and it looks great. You've written wonderful posts with beautiful photography. Your content is amazing! But your audience? Crickets. You want readers to be able to find your awesome content, but how?

Increasing your blog pageviews and getting seen takes time but there are some proven ways to do it. These simple tips will work on any platform. And best of all, they're all free or very cheap to do!

Add Some Wow to Your Walls with Joanna Gaines' New Wallpaper

If you haven't considered using wallpaper in a while or ever before, you might change your mind after seeing these beautiful new designs from Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Home Wallpaper. Not only are they pretty in color and design, they're also completely removable (except the grasscloth) in large strips. They're perfect for an accent wall, powder bath, or any space you want to add some classic prints and colors. 

15 Styled Bookcases That Will Make You Want To Redecorate

Beautifully arranged bookcases for every style of decor

15 styled bookcases

Built-in bookcases can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they're wonderful for storage and displaying favorite items. On the other hand, it can be a real challenge to make them look nice and not too cluttered. If you struggle with styling your bookcases to look good then you should know that you're not alone. I have a hard time with it too and am planning to give ours a makeover soon so I've been looking for inspiration. Today I'm sharing some beautifully styled bookcases that are full of lots of great ideas. 

22 Gorgeous Painted Interior Doors that Aren't White

20+ painted interior doors that will inspire you to add some personality to yours.

With the trend towards white and neutral walls and decor, rooms can begin to look dull before you know it. A quick and easy way to add a pop of color and personality to a space is by painting the door. Much like painting a piece of furniture, it's a way to add color without making a big commitment. And it's easy enough to change if you get tired of it. Here are some gorgeous interior doors with paint colors that will add instant character to your room.

Surprisingly affordable secrets for updating your blog design

Tips and tricks for giving your blog a designer look without breaking the bank.

designer blog templates

Deciding on the style and design of your blog can be really stressful and expensive. A clean aesthetic and professional look is important and you want it to reflect your personality. There are a few different ways to make sure your blog looks like a million dollars, but you don't have to spend very much at all.

Small Laundry Room Refresh - $100 Room Challenge

The reveal and total cost for our low budget laundry room refresh.

small laundry room ideas

Finally. Our little laundry room makeover project is finished! And it's so much brighter and fresher in here that it's making me want to redo several more rooms. Does that ever happen to you? Redo one thing and then you want to redo so much more. I like to call it the domino effect and it happens to me all. the. time. For now, let's focus on the refreshed teeny tiny laundry room.

Laundry Room Makeover Progress plus Free Printables

Free printable artwork plus our nearly complete laundry room makeover.

I love this adorable laundry room that she updated for less than $100! I need that drying rack!

This past week has been a rough one at our house with some awful plumbing issues and I'm so glad I had this little oasis of a laundry room to look at. Who would have thought a laundry room could make me smile so much? 
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