Vintage Wood Desk Chair Rescue and Redo

Guess what day it is??? Themed furniture makeover day!! Once a month some of my furniture painting gal pals get together and do themed painted furniture projects. This month's theme? Chairs.

Simple facelift for a vintage swivel office chair. Anyone can do this! From Postcards from the Ridge.

Who doesn't have a chair that needs a facelift? This one was in our garage patiently waiting for me to give it a little makeover. And it's perfect for my studio/craft room.

Great Ideas for Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Lately I've been seeing gray cabinets everywhere. It could be because I'm thinking that our cabinets would look great painted gray and I'm very aware of them these days. Whatever the reason, I'm loving the way they look.

Lots of great ideas for gray painted cabinets. These are all so gorgeous! Postcards from the Ridge.

Valentine's Mantel and Free Printable Art

I'll admit it, I'm a romantic at heart. I cry during sappy commercials. The lyrics to heartfelt love songs make me swoon. And flowers make my day. (Are you paying attention, hubs?)

I love this free Valentine's printable artwork. Postcards from the Ridge.

Although there's not a lot of Valentine's decor around the house, there are a few romantic touches here and there. Some Valentine's cards and a bit of sweet decor including printable art made it into the living room. Recently I began designing printable art and am sharing the ones in the photo above with you today for free. Happy Valentine's day to you!

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies + Many More Organizing Tips

Is being more organized one of your goals? It is for most people, including me.

There are so many ways to organize things. Whether you use boxes, baskets, bins or bowls, it's a great opportunity to get creative and show your personality. I love to think outside the box and use items for something other than their intended purpose as storage, like picnic baskets, wooden crates, or as you'll see in this post, milk glass that I've picked up inexpensively over the past few years.

Thrifted finds are a great way to store many things, including craft supplies. Almost all of the items used for storage in this room were found at yard sales, thrift shops, rummage sales, etc for as little as $1 a piece! Etsy and ebay are great sources for versatile containers too.

Refinished and Refreshed Drop Leaf Table - "Inspired By" Themed Furniture Makeover

What inspires you? Isn't that a great question? I'm inspired by so many different things. Nature, architecture, blogs, magazines, pinterest, HGTV, my daughters, and the list goes on. And around here the past few days the weather has been very spring-like and I've been inspired to set out some brighter things around the house.

I recently revived an small, old, wooden drop leaf table that had seen much better days. It will be a perfect table for a small entry, a small eat-in kitchen, or even a night stand. I wanted to give it a bright and colorful makeover and used a cheerful, vintage-looking green paint.

A cute,cheerful table that got a refinished top and freshly painted legs. Great instructions for the makeover including paint and stain colors.

This fun project is part of a monthly themed furniture makeover challenge that some of my furniture painting friends and I put together to inspire you, our readers. There are some super creative and talented ladies in this group and I'm thrilled to be able to join them. This month's theme is "Inspired By".

Pinterest Inspiration ~ Anthropologie Pompom Garland

Have you ever had something that you really didn't pay much attention to the first time you saw it, but then it kinda grew on you? That's what happened to me and those cute pompom or snowball garlands that are all over the place. The first time I noticed them was a year or so ago and they didn't exactly move mountains for me. But then I kept seeing them in different spaces and grew to love them.

Anthropologie Pompom Garland tutorial. So simple! #rockyourknockoff

You've probably seen them on Pinterest or Anthropologie or other blogs since they're not exactly new. 

2014 Top Ten Posts

Yep, it's that time again. The end of the year when everywhere you look there's a recap of something. I guess it's a good thing to look back and see what we've accomplished or learned. And since I'm nowhere near as funny as David Letterman, I'll keep this short and sweet. But really, can you believe another year has come and gone? 

Curious facts about my top 10: 

  • 2 of these are "round up" posts.
  • 4 of these posts are paint related. 
  • 9 of them involve a tutorial, tip, or ideas for redoing something. 

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