The Holiday Bar Cart + $500 giveaway

'Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry! If holiday entertaining is on your to-do list, you probably will be serving drinks to your guests. Why not do it in style? Whether you have a dedicated bar cart or just a corner of the kitchen counter you can make a drink station that's fashionable. And I'm teaming up with Wayfair to offer you a chance to win $500 for that or whatever you want from there!

Home for the Holidays ~ 2014 Christmas Home Tour

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate! It's full blown Christmas at our house right now, and today's the day we're kicking off our Home for the Holidays tour!  I'll be joined by 24 other bloggers who are sharing their homes this week. I can't wait to see all the beautiful spaces and get some great ideas for next year! Check back each day to visit everyone on the list. The lineup is at the bottom of the post and I highly recommend you drop by each home for a visit. You'll be glad you did!

For my tour, I'm starting with my favorite photos and then sharing more from each space. I took several hundred photos and narrowed it down to my favorites. I hope you like what you see! If you're new here, ours is a 1964 ranch style house that we've updated with paint and a couple of bathroom remodels. It's definitely nothing fancy, but neither are we.

Welcome to our home for the holidays!

Welcome to our Christmas Home!

Ho ho ho! And welcome to our home! Today I'm joining a group of my blogging friends for our Welcome Home tour where we're sharing front porches, entries, or any old way to make guests  feel welcome. Since I'm sharing the inside of the house on Monday, today you get to see what our guests are greeted with as they walk up to our door.

Here on our front porch you'll find several vintage items since I'm a vintage junkie. I clipped the branches from various trees and bushes from the yard and added some clippings I got for free at the Christmas tree lot when we bought our tree. Holly, nandina, and magnolia make up the bulk of the branches. There's nothing like fresh greenery.

12 Days of Christmas...with a fun twist

Welcome, friends! 'Tis the season to be......overcommited! Can I get an amen?

With stars in my eyes and twinkles on my toes (or something like that) I decided it would be so much fun to sign up for several wonderful blogger holiday tours. And while they are definitely fun, they're lots of work too.

Today's post is part of a blogger tour with the 12 days of Christmas as the theme. Some of my best blogging buddies are on this tour with me. And as fun as it sounds, six geese a laying is a tough one to blog about. I signed up a little late and the dancing ladies and milking maids were already spoken for. As well as the lords and the drummers. When life gives you geese....well, think Goslings. Keep reading to learn the story behind what we made. You're gonna love it and you're gonna laugh.

Cookie recipe swap 2014

It's that time of the year....cookie baking time! We love to bake cookies at our house and I'll bet you do to. Even more than baking, we love EATING cookies.

And it's time for cookie swaps! A few of my blogging buddies and I are doing things a little different and having an online cookie swap. How does it work? Simply share a photo and link to your favorite cookie recipe and you're in! Click on the "Add your link" button at the bottom of the post to add yours.

I can't wait to try out some new cookie recipes! 

OMG Butterscotch and Chocolate Chip Blondies - Virtual Cookie Swap

It's Cookie Swap time!! Except this time you don't have to make 20 dozen and carry them to someone else's house. This time you can make them for yourself and eat them all at home!!

Today I'm sharing a recipe that has been one of my favorites for years. We usually make it with chocolate chips, but added butterscotch the last 2 times we (my daughters and I) made it. My 15-year-old asked me if the recipe was from God when she tasted the butterscotch version. I'll take that as a giant thumbs up because she's the pickiest one in the family. Hence the name "OMG Blondies". You're gonna say that when you take a bite of these. Really, you are.

Sweater Pillow and Music Sheet Bird Ornaments ~ Secret Santa Blogger Gift Exchange

Merry Christmas! Okay, okay. I realize it's still a few weeks until Christmas but I've already received my first Christmas present and given one as well! Why? Well, some of my blog friends and I signed up for a Secret Santa Gift Exchange and today is the big reveal! We sent a gift to one blogger and received one from our Secret Santa blogger. How fun is that? AND, each gift had to be hand made with a tutorial so you can recreate it. To see all of the posts, click on the links found at the bottom of the post. There are some truly talented ladies on this tour!

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