Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies + Many More Organizing Tips

Is being more organized one of your goals? It is for most people, including me.

There are so many ways to organize things. Whether you use boxes, baskets, bins or bowls, it's a great opportunity to get creative and show your personality. I love to think outside the box and use items for something other than their intended purpose as storage, like picnic baskets, wooden crates, or as you'll see in this post, milk glass that I've picked up inexpensively over the past few years.

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Thrifted finds are a great way to store many things, including craft supplies. Almost all of the items used for storage in this room were found at yard sales, thrift shops, rummage sales, etc. Etsy and ebay are great sources for versatile containers too.

This craft room has been a work in progress for a long time now and I've shared some of the progress with you before. It's a space that needed an extreme room makeover and has come a really long way from what it used to look like using mostly paint to make some dramatic changes.

You've already gotten to see how the counter top got painted here, and how the floor got dressed up with stencilled faux rug here, and now you'll see some of the fun ways our craft supplies are organized using found items!

Lots of great organizing ideas!

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Using thrifted milk glass for organizing craft supplies. I love this!! #organize

Vases, compotes, bowls, and anything that can be used for coralling all those supplies and can also make a fun statement allowing you to show your off your style.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

A large mason jar is a great place to store spools of thread or other small items like buttons, trims and ribbons. (I love the old wooden spools of thread!) The old sewing machinge accessories box is fun place to stash things as well.

Using thrifted milk glass for organizing craft supplies. I love this!! #organize

Different sizes make it more interesting and enable you to store a variety of shapes. The wooden spools of ribbon and markers fit perfectly in them.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

A wire storage basket is great for holding yarn or medium sized items. Paint color decks are stored on the top shelf in another wire basket with a handle.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

On the right wall, scissors and a hole punch are stored on a key rack.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

While the old white ironstone pitcher isn't currently being used for organizing, filling it full of grocery store-bought tulips sure does inspire creativity. It could be used to store wooden dowels, long paint brushes, knitting needles, or yardsticks.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

Remember the days before pinterest when we tore out pages from magazines that we loved? Some people (me) still do that even though they're on pinterest. The pages can be pinned to the wall or a bulletin board as added inspiration for upcoming projects, or just for something to dream about.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

Small sample jars of paint can be stored upside down in desk drawers. This keeps them from drying out and allows you to see what color is inside.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

A little McCoy planter with a glass flower frog on top is a fun way to store pencils.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

Thumbtacks and clips are easily accessed from a small milk glass creamer.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

And speaking of being organized, we're currently organizing some of our photos and having them printed so we can frame them and create a gallery wall for our living room and hallway. Hopefully this project will be finished soon. Gallery walls take a lot of planning, printing, and framing! 

Stay tuned for the completion of this project.

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Creative Ideas for Organizing Jewelry. So fun and clever! #organize

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Creative Ideas for Organizing Craft Supplies. So fun and clever! #organize

What are some creative ways you organize your things? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Don't forget to scroll down and see my talented blog friends' organizing ideas and tips! Let me know which ones are your favorites!

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Christy James said...

I love this space and all the creative ways you organized your crafty things, especially the milk glass! Love the wall color too. :)

Wendi Wachtel said...

Your post is perfectly timed! I'm working on my studio/office and am looking for creative ways to hold and display my tools, paints and other needed items:) Your milk glass is so pretty!

Julie Lilacs and Longhorns said...

Love your craft space! I love how you used all the milk glass to corral your things - so pretty!

Paula@SweetPea said...

I love every single thing about this post. First, you crafting space is so nice. I'd love to have a spot to sit with my supplies so attractively arranged around me. Love the milk glass and ball jar that you used. (I have a flower pot similar to the one you used for colored pencils. I need to see if one of my flower frogs will fit into my face so that I can use your idea.)

Jen @ Girl in the Garage said...

Angie your crafting space is so beautiful and organized. No wonder you come up with so many great ideas! I wish I had a space like this, or any space at all. :) I love the milk glass storage and I gotta say I think it's genius that you painted the shelf-rack-holder-things the same color as your wall!

Christy Little Our Southern Home said...

So jealous of your beautiful craft room!! So organized and pretty! Do you knit or crochet? ~Christy

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Jen! I'm hoping to spend more time in there and really get creative now that it's all cleaned up. And that shelf-rack-holder actually strangely covers up a large pipe - it's a basement room and I guess that's the only way they could work it in??? Oh, and I love milk glass too! Anyway, thanks! ~ Angie

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thank you, Christy! At this point the only thing I know how to do with yarn is make pompoms, lol. But I would love to learn how to knit! Maybe someday soon....

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks, Christy! I hope to be spending a lot more time being creative in here now that it's all organized and pretty! ~ Angie

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Wendi! Good luck on your studio! It's always fun to use nontraditional items for organizing and storage! ~ Angie

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks, Julie! I've collected so much of it over the years and am glad to get to use it like this! ~ Angie

Postcards from the ridge said...

Aww, thank you Paula! I've been working on this space for a long time now because it was a total disaster and am so glad to have it to create in. And I love using the milk glass and mason jars for storage. That way I get to look at them and be even more inspired! My flower frog was a little big for the planter but it rests on top of it just fine and is such a fun way to hold pencils. Thanks again. Have a great week! ~ Angie

Dria S said...

Wow this is gorgeous! I need to get my office organized like this so bad, I can't be creative in clutter. I love the use of the white vases so pretty! Beautiful job!

Tami Michel said...

I am so envious that you have such an amazing dedicated craft space. Moreso that you have it decorated so beautifully! I am sure you enjoy your time in there!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks, Dria! It's definitely taken a while to get in to this point. I'm going to have to try really hard to keep it this neat!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks, Tami. I've been working on it for a while and am really glad to have this space. I'm hoping to spend much more time in there now that's it's all organized and pretty. Thanks for dropping by! ~ Angie

Mary Beth said...

Your craft room is so pretty. I really like you used the vintage items to hold your crafting supplies and the color is gorgeous!

Therese Feeman said...

Oh my gosh! I want to hang out in your fun craft room! Your stylish creative organizations is on point.;) Love it!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Angie
I love your craft room. Lovely and the wire baskets are great idea too.

bluwatergal said...

Great ideas Angie! Love the milk glass collection and how you used it. I'm currently doing some craft room organization, so perfect timing to see your link at our "Something to Talk About" link up party :-) Hope to see you again next week! Bwg ~~~

Renee Fuller said...

What great ideas! I have a great craft room that I am slowly getting organized and this is my inspiration!

NiftythriftyLady Jen Ward said...

I love all of the clean white storage Solutions. It makes the space look very uniform but beautiful!

Artsy Chicks Rule said...

I just love this space Angie!!! LOVE! Makes me want to get going on my little office!

Angela Neese Rathbun said...

Stopping by from the Something to Talk About Link Party, and I just have to tell you how much I love your craft organization! That's high on my to do list for this year, so this is great inspiration! I'd love for you to come and share this, as well as your other projects, at The Creative Circle, the new link party I am hosting with Up to Date Interiors. It just closed for the week, but will reopen on Thursday morning. -Angela, Blue i Style

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Mary Beth! I love repurposing vintage items. And the color keeps me inspired!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Therese! It's a really fun place to hang out and create in.

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Vanessa! I love using wire baskets. They're so versatile!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks so much! So glad you like it. And thanks for the feature. I linked up our valentine's mantel this week!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Renee. It's definitely taken a long time to get it this organized. Slow progress is better than no progress! Keep plugging away and you'll get there eventually.

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thank! So glad you like it!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Nancy! So glad you like it!

Postcards from the ridge said...

Thanks Angela! Glad you like it! I'd love to link up. I'll have to set a reminder so I don't miss it.

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