Frugalista Finds, Chapter 1

There's not much I love more than finding a bargain on a great object. Being a frugalista at heart, it gives me a rush to see items in a design catalog or website that strongly resemble items I've previously found at estate sales or off-price retailers for a fraction of the price.

New items made to look old really pull at my heartstrings. Maybe it's because of the 13 years we lived in a home built in 1935 where the whole house was vintage. Vintage solid wood 6-panel doors, vintage wood windows, vintage oak floors, vintage bathroom tiles. Total bliss. Of course, there was also vintage plumbing, vintage electrical, and a vintage kitchen. Not so blissful sometimes. But it was a great first home, overall.

Anyway, I love treasure hunting, and here's a few examples of my finds versus what I've seen in design catalogs.

Catalog item #1: The scrolled gate with the blue frame at right is from Pottery Barn (no longer available) and sold for $249. It was in the Winter 2011 catalog.

Catalog item #2: The arched top window at left is from Wisteria and also sells for $249. It is in the catalog that was sent out at the end of February 2011.

My find, at right, came from Marshall's in the spring of 2010 for $49.99.

As I'm always on the hunt for interesting items for our home, sometimes I just get lucky and find something that's a great deal. I'll post my findings occasionally. Any like-minded treasure hunters out there?

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