Just in case you missed it: February '12 recap

Aloha, my friends!  It's been quite a balmy month of February here in East Tennessee.  It's so warm today that we actually are under a tornado warning.  Not to worry, that happens somewhat regularly around here.  Unfortunately we know the drill and keep our eyes and ears on the weather forecasters.

Since I worked away from home most of the day today and most of this week, I thought I'd do a recap of my posts from this month just in case you missed any of them.  I can't do a post everyday, so there's not that many of them, but I thought I'd catch you up anyway.  Click on the various links to view any of the posts, or check the sidebar if you'd rather see the listings that way.

I started out the month with an organizing project we're calling our family command center.  We have an 8' brick wall in our kitchen that is now used as a landing strip and message center.   You can see the project and get the 411 by clicking here.  I've added a bench below the bulletin board since doing this post and it's really been helpful for keeping our bags and "stuff" off the floor. 

Earlier this month the Mr. and I spent a weekend at our favorite inn in the Smoky Mountains to celebrate being married for 20 years.  I took some pics of the inn and shared a bit about our weekend, including being attacked by a swan (no kidding),  here.

In the spirit of love and Valentine's Day, I shared some of my favorite red-inspired pins from pinterest in this post.  The pictures on pinterest are always so inspiring.  Are you as addicted to this site as I am?  I think I need a pintervention or something. 

I posted in January about a floor that I had faux painted.  I linked up that post to several link parties and was fortunate enough to have it featured on a few blogs.  In case you want to see the original post where I shared the how-to for the floor, here it is.

Getting in the mood for Valentine's Day means doing a bit of baking around here.  I shared a recipe for some yummy Valentine's m & m's blondies in a post here.  You could make these anytime of the year with chocolate chips or, as I did a couple of weeks ago, white chocolate chips.  They're the same kind of wonderful with any variety.  And they're non-fattening.  But only if you just look at them and don't eat them....

Of course, I did a little romantic post on Valentine's day.  The pics and quotes are from pinterest, but they're oh so sweet and romantic.  Click here to see the post and read the mushy quotes.

I had to share some pics I took of some beautiful roses in this post.  The Mr. brought one each for me and the girls and they were so pretty.  He doesn't bring me flowers near as much as he did when we were dating a couple of decades ago, so I always have to take pictures of them.  :)

I also have a sneak peek at a piece of thrifted furniture I'm trying to finish.  I'll get it finished up very soon and will share the process I used on it in case you're interested. There's just not enough hours in the day sometimes.  Can I get an amen?

Next up is a post on lots of creative ways to use chalkboard paint, including an area in my daughter's room where we used magnetic primer underneath some chalkboard paint for a unique message center.  The other pics are ideas from pinterest and the web and are so fun.

My most recent post is a collection of pics I took when we recently made a wrong turn and stumbled upon some relics from the past.  Sometimes the road less traveled is the most interesting one, for sure.  I wish the old truck we found could tell us some of the stories it's seen.

I hope you have a fabulous "leap day", and that your March starts off just as well.  

I read and appreciate all of your comments.

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  1. What a busy month! Love your message center and laughing about the swan! I always run from them and geese! Hope you plan on joining our What Does Your Blog Want to Be When It Grows Up Party on Friday! Linky follower.

    1. Thanks! The message center has been really helpful to us in our efforts to get organized. And I will never look at a swan the same way. I'm not sure I even know what I want my blog to be when/if it ever grows up, but I'm planning on putting some thought to it and then joining your link party. Thanks for visiting and following. Congrats on the move and the AT feature.


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