Weekend getaway and the attack of the Smoky Mountain swan

What's up with the title of this post, you ask?  It's a funny story, to say the least.  (Lots of "postcards" today, please bear with me.)

He looks harmless enough, right?

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It all started with a weekend getaway for me and the Mr. to our favorite place in the Smoky Mountains, the Buckhorn Inn.  We spent Friday and Saturday nights in one of their private cottages in celebration of our 20th anniversary, which was back in August.  Better late than never, right?

Here's the main building of the Buckhorn Inn. It was built in 1938.  I love old buildings.

The dining hall with its exposed beams and cottage-y decor.  We ate a gourmet breakfast both mornings and a spectacular dinner on Saturday night.  Their restaurant is one of the top rated in the Gatlinburg area.

Dining tables with beautiful views of the mountains.

And Cottage 5, our humble home for the weekend.

It's nothing special on the outside.  Just a simple little mountain cottage.  It was built in 1999, made to look like it's been there for decades.  The inside is cozy and quaint, with spectacular views. 

My pictures of the inside don't do it justice.  It's pretty and cozy.  There's also a fireplace with gas logs and a large bath with a jacuzzi tub.  A sweet retreat for the two of us.

There's a pond on the grounds where 2 swans live.

This is the female.  She was nice enough.

As you can see, it was a lovely morning, so I took several shots of the pond...before the male swan ran me off.

Aww, how sweet.  He's following me. 

AAAACK!  He's coming to attack me!  This was the last picture I took because he was headed right for me and would have probably bitten me repeatedly if there hadn't been a little fence around the edge of the pond to separate us.  For whatever reason, he DID NOT like me and I quickly retreated to our cottage at this point.  I never knew swans could hiss until this morning! 

Regardless of the not-so-friendly swan, we had a great weekend.  Fabulous food, lovely views, some awesome photos (I'll share some more later).  As Dorothy says though, "There's no place like home."  I'm glad to be back at mine.  I just hope I don't have any nightmares about being attacked by swans tonight.

I hope you all have had a nice weekend and have a wonderful week.

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  1. LOL> sorry but the image IS funny! Don't take it personally the swan is just very defensive especially if his female was close by, maybe even cygnets around!
    Glad you had a good break though, happy belated anniversary.


    1. It was pretty funny. Even if I did squeal a bit when he hissed at me. He was very protective of his lady.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to retreat and belatedly celebrate a special anniversary!


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