Thankfulness project Day 20 ~ PAINT

For the month of November, I've been sharing things that I'm grateful for.  I've posted mostly on my facebook page or on Instagram, but also here on my blog. 

Today, on this 20th day of November, I'm thankful for...wait for it...PAINT.

Odd, yes.  But very true. 

Why?  Because paint gives you the most bang for you buck when you want to transform a space or a piece of furniture. 

I couldn't possibly count the number of times I've dipped my paint brush or roller into some paint and completely changed the look of something.  Dozens of times, if not hundreds.

I remember painting round rocks as a little girl and making them look like lady bugs.  And I loved it.

The most recent time I used paint was actually this morning.  I'm transforming an old picture into a chalkboard.  I painted the glass with the chalkboard paint, and repainted the vintage gold frame to look somewhat like an old Scandinavian piece.  I think I really like it.

Many are the reasons to love paint.  There are so many varieties. You can use it to make a chalkboard. You can use it to make a surface magnetic. You can use it as a wash or a glaze. It comes in a gazillion colors. It comes in metallic finishes. It is available as glow-in-the-dark. And it's very user friendly.

It can be a 10 minute project or a complete room redo lasting for several days.

Another big reason that I love paint is that selling it has provided my income since I was a teenager.  I won't say exactly how many years, but let's just say I had some really big permed hair back in those days. 

Yes, I guess I'm a bit biased.  But seriously, what's not to love about it?  Easy to use, easy cleanup, super powers of transformation.

So today I'm thankful for paint. 

I'll bet you didn't expect that, did you?

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day! 



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  1. I love your paint project! How pretty. We have just finished painting two rooms here in the house just to transform them into us instead of contractors choice. Paint is a glorious thing!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!


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