Thankfulness Project Day 4 ~ Extra sleep!

Today I'm thankful for an extra hour of sleep!


Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. Hey Angie, you're not the only one. I always wait till guests are within a couple of days of arrival then start throwing things under beds and in closets. Maybe after you get your craft room done it will be better. After the workshop was built in the spring I was able to move all the junk (and there was a lot of it) from one of our guest rooms to the shop and now that bedroom is always clean and always ready for guests!

    1. Hey Kathy! The guest room is pretty much finished. I need to take pictures and have a "tour" of that room. The craft room will be a great place for all of the girls' papers and paints, etc, and my fabrics and "stuff". Now all I have to do is get the walls painted, and the floors, and the baseboards! UGH! Why do these projects always grow into such enormous tasks! Have a great day! ~ Angie


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