Thankfulness Project Day 5 ~ GPS

If anyone can get lost or mess up directions, it's me.  So today I'm grateful for one of the greatest inventions for someone like me...GPS.  It gets me where I need to be with a minimum of missed turns and turnarounds.

No maps required!  Now we can use them for all of those cute map-crafts I've been seeing on Pinterest for a while, like this cool map wreath made by haverfordhouse! (Yes, I have a board for mapcrafts!)

With GPS, I simply type in my destination, and it gives me directions.  Then I use the navigation app on my phone and it verbally notifies me when the turn is coming up soon. Modern technology is amazing!!!

I used it Saturday morning to find a customer's house that was, well, "out in the sticks" as we say around here.  And I almost got there without a turnaround!  The GPS took me about a block too far, but I called the customer and she got me to her exact location.  Before GPS, I would have been in the wrong county.  No lie.

So today I'm thankful for the genius who came up with GPS.

What are you thankful for today?



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