Understated Easter and Spring decor

Happy Easter!  Almost anyway.

I don't do a ton of Easter decorating around our house.  Not that it isn't an important holiday.  On the contrary, it's THE most important religious holiday to me.  Without it, we wouldn't have Christianity.  Think about it...

I like to keep it understated. It makes it easier to keep things out for a longer period of time.

Today I'm giving a little tour of what we have in the entry, on the living room mantel, and in the  breakfast room hutch. 

Warm thoughts from the coast.

Some school systems are on Spring break this week, but ours was out 2 weeks ago.  It wouldn't be a great week for the break here because it's snowing.  On March 25th.  In the south.  What the....?

For that reason (the snow) I'm posting pictures that bring warm, happy thoughts!  We took a short trip to the South Carolina coast over the break and I snapped a few photos while we were there.  A few hundred actually, but these are the best ones from the digital darkroom.

Enjoy, and think warm, happy, Spring thoughts!

Sunday morning sunrise.  I love the silhouette of the trees against the sunrise.

How to clean stainless steel appliances

How to clean stainless steel appliances.  Simple and fast!
Stainless steel appliances always look so good in the showroom.  All sparkly and shiny and pretty.  And then you buy them, bring them home, and very soon start cursing them for all those fingerprints that seem to never go away! 

We've had stainless appliances for about 6 1/2 years now and I've actually grown to love them, although I didn't at first.  Yes, they are a magnet for fingerprints and smudges.  Especially when you have a family of four that spends lots of time in the kitchen. 

But it's really easy to get that showroom shine back.  For a little while anyway!