Attention Google Reader Followers!

Hey friends!  Just a quick reminder that if you started following me via Google Friend Connect, you need to switch over to a different way.  It's on the chopping block and you won't be able to read your favorite blogs that way any longer.

I love my followers and would hate to lose any of you!

Don't worry, it's easy to make the change!

You have several choices.  My recommendation is to follow via email, then you can read whenever you check your mail.  Never miss another post.  Click here to become a email follower:

If you prefer using a reader service, I personally use Bloglovin and find it very similar to Google Friend Connect. 

Go to the site and use the drop-down arrow at the top right and then choose "Import From Google Reader".  It takes about 5 seconds.  Click here to use this service:

You can also follow via facebook, instagram, twitter, and hometalk.  I'm everywhere!  Here's the links to those sites if you're interested:

Thanks so much for following!  I really do love y'all!

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