28 Affordable DIY Artwork Ideas

28 incredibly creative DIY art ideas for small budgets. So many great ideas!

Got bare or boring walls and a tiny budget for decorating them? Here's some great news for you. I've rounded up some of the most creative, affordable DIY art and am sharing these wonderful ideas with you today. 

How to Create a Super Fun Photo Booth, Plus More Party Decoration Ideas

If you want to see grown adults acting like kids, and kids having a great time being silly together, just add a photo booth to your next gathering. It's extremely easy and everyone will love it. We did this last year at our oldest daughter's graduation party and again this year at my nephew and nieces' party. It's so much fun (and easy) that I wanted to share it with you.

Drum Table Updated with Anthropologie Knob and Paint

Guess what day it is??? It's themed furniture makeover day! For newcomers, this is the day where once a month my furniture painting gal pals and I all give a piece of furniture a facelift with a theme. This month's theme? Small tables. 

Tiered Tea Table Inspired by our Moms

Today I'm sharing a table that has a special meaning to us. It was a favorite one of my late mother-in-law and we're happy to have it in our home. She was very proud of it and kept it in front of her living room window with pretty violets on it. She had a green thumb, much like my own mother does. 

Affordable DIY Artwork Inspired by Pottery Barn ~ Rock Your Knockoff

Let's face it. Artwork can get expensive. But bare walls are just plain boring. So what's a design loving, DIY girl to do? Make your own, that's what. Today I'll show you how and it's so simple that you don't even need a paint brush or power tools. It's all part of our Rock Your Knockoff Tour that some of my favorite blog friends and I are participating in.

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Milk Glass, Ironstone, Alabaster, and Mercury Glass

What are a few of your favorite things? I didn't realize how strongly I felt about certain collections until I took a good look around the house. After taking a quick inventory, I can tell you that some of the things I'm most attracted to are milk glass, ironstone, and alabaster lamps. There are also lots of other vintage items including mercury glass Christmas ornaments and anything with hints of turquoise. So if it's old, white, turquoise, or a shiny holiday object, there's a good chance I have some of it in our home.