How to Shop Estate Sales Like a Pro + 23 Fab Finds

Tips for shopping estate sales.

Great tips for estate sale hunting! Plus ideas on how to get good prices, where to find certain treasures, and what you should expect to pay.

Designers' Favorite Cool Neutral Paint Colors

cool neutral paint colors

5 Ways NOT to choose a paint color

How NOT to choose a paint color. Plus the best ways to pick them. Great tips for narrowing down the gazillion choices! Postcards from the Ridge

We all want that perfect paint color. You know, the one that makes your home look like it should be featured in your favorite magazine. But while there are always several good paint color choices for your space, there is not one perfect color. I'm sharing some of my best insider tips with you today on how not to choose a paint color as well as the best ways to make a good choice.

From Junk Closet to Organized Office Closet

You know that closet that you shove things into just to get them out of the way temporarily? I couldn't stand ours any longer and organized it last week. It needed to be tamed and reclaimed and I spent a few days converting it into an organized office closet and I'm so glad I did. It was totally worth the effort.

Home Office Organization Ideas and Tips. Lots of great ideas for an organized and stylish home office.

Blue and Green and Lilly of the Valley

Changing up little things around the house keeps it from looking stale. There are so many flowers blooming in these days that it's fun to mix different colors and flowers. A couple of days ago I shared some peonies and lilacs mixed with some soft pastels (go here for that), and today I'm sharing some ideas for mixing blue and green together using some lily of the valley. 

Peonies, Lilacs, and Porch Decor

Spring has sprung in all its glory here. And that means there are lots of pretty flowers and branches to clip and bring indoors for decor. A couple of days ago our peonies began to bloom. I snipped a few of them and included them in our porch decor, along with some of my favorite vintage finds. I shared a sneak peek of these on instagram a couple of days ago so if you follow me there you have already seen a version of this photo.