13 Ideas for Small Entryways

Ideas for small entryway decor and storage

Ideas for Small Entryways

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Need some ideas for your small entryway? Today I'm sharing some beautiful small entryways with wonderful ideas for storage and decor.

Let's face it, we don't all live in mansions with large entryways or mud rooms. So sometimes it takes some very creative thinking to carve out a stylish landing zone for your keys, mail, shoes, purse, etc. Our 1960's home has a really small entryway and it's been quite a challenge to make it functional while keeping it pretty. See more of our entry here and get some free fern printable art here: Small botanical themed entry 

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When your belongings have a home, they're much more likely to be put away. And while there are many items that could be useful in small entryways, the following items are always helpful for keeping them organized, tidy, and looking good:

Here are some of my favorite organized and stylish small entryways. There are a variety of ideas, including creating a landing space where there isn't actually a dedicated entry. I'll bet you can find great tips for your small entry in these spaces. Let me know what your favorite idea is!

1. Small Nook Next to Front Door

You can a lot of style and storage in a small nook. This pretty little nook from Jennifer at designbydama is so very charming. There are hooks for coats and bags, a bench to sit on and take off your shoes, a nice big mirror to check your hair, and an awesome shelf with drawers for keys, gloves, and other small items. And isn't the arched door amazing?

2. Pretty wallpaper with mirror and stool

This sweet entry from Saritha at thebluepaisleyhome brings a smile to my face. The wallpaper gives the space a cozy personality. The bench is perfect for sitting down and putting on or taking off shoes, or it could be used as a small table. The flowers really warm up the space. And the tall wicker basket is ideal as an umbrella holder.

3. Cozy Rustic Charm

The rustic items in this little entry from Aliya at Open Doors Open Hearts have so much character and patina. The shabby chair and ladder look like fabulous flea market finds. The rustic wall rack is just right for jackets, bags, and hats. She even has a metal letter box for incoming mail. It's all so simple and pretty.

4. Simple and Sophisticated Bench and Art

5. Bench with cubbies and wall hooks

6. Converting an entry closet 

7. Built-in Bench with upper cabinets

8. Bench with baskets in cubbies

9. Small table and mirror with hooks

Meadow Lake Road

This tiny table with drawers is just right for behind the door in this little entry. The basket, mirror with hooks, and wooden tray on the table would be more than adequate for dropping off your keys and mail at the end of the day.

10. Console Table with Stylish Decor

11. Simple Wall Hooks with Colorful Wall Art

12. Small Corner Entrway

13. Small Entry with Table and Lamp

Our Picks to Make Your Small Entry Stylish and Efficient

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  1. Great ideas! We do have a minuscule entryway and all we have is a round table that doesn't work. I'll be looking for a rectangular table. Thank you for the ideas.

    1. Our entry is tiny as well and I have a small desk in there with some accessories. There are lots of great small pieces out there! Good luck. Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for dropping by. - Angie

  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2017

    You mentioned your home was built in the '60's. My home was built in '64 so I especially identified with the atomic Sputnik lamp in your third picture. I never thought about hanging a shelf instead of using a table. A mirror would definitely open up the space. Thanks for the great pics.

  3. Can you come to our home, bcause you are good...

    1. Thank you! If you're local, I do in-home consultations. Shoot me an email and we can talk!


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