5 Simple Ways to Monetize Your Blog

A few tried and true ways to allow your blog to provide pocket change and then some.

Blogging as a business. Who would have thought?? When I began blogging in 2011 there weren't many people making a income from it. Sure, there were some who had figured it all out early and were doing great, but as a whole, people didn't do blogging for money. It was for fun, therapy, an outlet or portfolio. But it still required hours of work just like a "real" job.

Patriotic Sunflowers Printable Art

Colorful sunflowers and plus a free printable. 

Love these sunflowers and lavender.

Sunflowers and summer go together like milk and cookies. We always love having flowers in our house, especially sunflowers. They add such a summery vibe to the house when added to a pitcher or vase.