6 Easy Ways to Use a Blanket Scarf as Fall Decor

Creative ways to use blanket scarves for fall

plaid scarves in a vintage wire egg basket, on a fireplace mantel

Blanket Scarves as Fall Decor

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Blanket scarves. They're such a wonderful little creation. They're more than a scarf but not quite a blanket unless you're a small person. They're also very inexpensive and make a great fall or winter decoration. Today I'm showing you several ideas for using them in your fall decor.

1. Table Scarf

chicken wire fall cloche and wicker demijohns on a plaid blanket scarf

Add a burst of color and texture to your table by draping a vibrant blanket scarf over it. Vintage wicker demijohns and a chicken wire cloche and planter bring even more personality and texture to the vignette. 

plaid blanket on a table with a basket of fall decor and wooden candlesticks

Layer it with serving trays or baskets and fall decor for a cozy autumn theme. The wooden candle holders add a nice touch to this arrangement. See more of this look in this post: Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

2. In a basket

rustic fall mantel with fall decor and basket with plaid blanket scarf and mums

A blanket scarf makes a great filler for various types of baskets. I added one to a smalll basket trunk on our deck and it's perfect for fall. See more of our outdoor mantel here: Cozy Rustic Fall Mantel

plaid blanket in a large basket with boots on the floor

In our entry, a blanket scarf added to a woven basket add warmth and charm to the space. And it's easy enough to change out for each season. See more of this entry decor here: Cozy Fall Home Tour

small white table with large pumpkins and plaid blanket scarf in a basket

I added a few pumpkins and some eucalyptus for a classic fall vignette under our entry table. See more of this look here: Fall Home Tour

3. On your hearth

large blue glass bottle in wooden crate, plaid blanket scarf with faux pumpkins, on a painted brick hearth

To soften the cold look of brick, stone, or marble, consider adding a plaid fall blanket scarf to your hearth. It's a great way to add a dose of color and texture and it warms up the area next to the wooden crate with the glass jug. See more of this look here: Fall Fireplace Decor

4. In a metal bucket

copper tub with green plaid blanket and scarf on a painted brick mantel

Give a contrast to metals with a soft blanket scarf. I added dark green blanket scarf plus a sage green throw blanket to my vintage copper tub for a cozy fall look. See more of this fall decor here: Rustic Green and Copper Fall Decor

plaid blanket and fall flowers in a vintage olive basket

Several years ago I used my vintage olive bucket on the hearth. I added a plaid throw blanket but you could easily substitute blanket scarves instead. See more of this decor in this post: Vintage themed fall decor

5. On your mantel

fall mantel with plaid blanket scarf and rustic metal, white painted brick fireplace

Need some filler and color for your mantel? Scrunch up a blanket scarf and tuck it behind your decor. It's a nice way to fill in the gaps! Get the details on this look here: Rustic Fall Mantel Decor

6. Tossed over a chair

brown fireplace mantel with shutters, old books, leaves, mid century chair with plaid blanket

A blanket scarf or throw blanket tossed over a chair adds instant style and warmth. Our kitty couldn't resist the plaid blanket I added to our mid-century chair. Read more about this look here: 6 Quick and Easy Last Minute Fall Decor Ideas

pillow and plaid blanket scarf mid century wooden arm chair

Same chair, different year and blanket, but same concept. You can see the entire mantel here: How to Decorate a Fall Mantel with Vintage and Found Items

I use blanket scarves all over the house during fall and Christmas. Where would you use one?

Here are some of my favorite ones:

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  1. Good idea and love your ideas about using blanket scarves. Thay do add color for Fall, thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. Wow! I am so inspired thank you for all the great ideas. Happy fall ya'll

  3. What great ideas. I cant wait to try some of these in our home. Thank you for all the inspirations you give me.

  4. Kinda wondering why I don't have any of these beautiful scarves. And I didn't realize they were so inexpensive! Next on my list of things to get. Love this post with so many creative ideas. Pinned!

  5. I loved seeing all of your ideas for decorating with blanket scarves for fall. Of course, being a huge fan of your blog, I saw all of these ideas as you shared them but I so much enjoyed seeing them again all in one place. I now need a few more blanket scarves in my life to use for decor.


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