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Our style is modest and cozy with a mix of farmhouse, cottage, and vintage. Here are some items we have or as close as I could find. I also sometimes shop on etsy if I'm looking for a vintage item. 

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Our master bedroom style has evolved over the past few years, but here are some items we've used or ones that will give you the same look.


Our kitchen and breakfast room are simple and modest. We love to mix vintage and newer items for a cozy, welcoming feeling. These are some of our favorite things or as close as I could find.



The entry is tiny but we have made it as efficient and stylish as possible. The slate floor is original to the house (1964) and we love it. Here are some items that we've used in the entry, or ones that have the same look.


Our tiny laundry room just got a makeover and looks so bright and fresh. It's a tiny room but we've made it as efficient and stylish as possible.

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